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An easy to integrate, seamless inovicing and payment service built specifically for companies that stay on the cutting edge.

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We're Forgettable. We like that.

We believe payments should be seamless and invisible; removing the friction between your customers placing an order an you receiving that order - this is our specialty.

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We know you're already juggling enough processes, why add another? We're here to work with your other software groups and build the API integrations (from scratch if needed): think automatic exports to your accounting software.

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Are you looking to start small? No worries - we've been there. Let's talk and we'll find a way to grow together. See Our Benefits

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We offer a wide range of options and various integrations. If you dont' have a development team, we're happy to handle it for you.

Tell us what you want to achieve and we will suggest the best options to choose from so you can focus on the hard stuff.

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Card Payment   Examle Request
 argyle.customers.createPayment(customerId, params)

1    var newCustomer =
3      argyle.customers.createPayment(
4        "cus_EW1FtAashWcnLK",
5        { source: "tok_amex" },
6         function(err, card) {
7            // asynchronously called
8          }
9       );
11     }
High Praise

"The guys behind the scenes at Argyle are great to work with and very responsive.”

Marisol Ortega | Office Manager, FC-Properties


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Key Benefits

24/7 support. We’re always here for you no matter what time of day.

Analytics. See sales analytics quickly ad easily within your Argyle Dashboard.

Problem Solvers. Our team is best-in-class at evaluating & solving problem cores.

Minimal Cost. We push the cost of payment processing as low as we can (this is an ongoing effort from our BizDev team).

Mobile Payments. We offer the easiest & smoothest checkout process on the market for online payments. Patent Pending .

Security. For us, security is at the center of every business decision we make. This is a key component of how we approach business.

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& Delivering Consistant Growth is hard enough.

Let us worry about all the details involved in providing you the best invoicing service.